A research department dedicated to you

With 30 years' experience in the thermal printing sector, Axiohm has exclusive multi-sector skills.
Our expertise makes it possible for us to respond to requests from customers/integrators looking for solutions that are not included in our catalogue.

Materials Expertise

With our R&D office and our network of suppliers, Axiohm is able to customise our products in line with the materials used. For example, depending on the volumes required, we can offer plastic frames in specific colours.

  • Well-organised supply networks
  • Expertise in a wide range of materials
axiohm expertise - AXIOHM
axiohm expertise mecanique - AXIOHM

Mécanichal Expertise

Do you need a specific capstan for your installation? Our research department is available to customise some of our components and work with you to assess how best to combine our solutions with your project. Do you need a specific cable length? Remote connectors? Contact our team!

  • Flexibility in customising mechanisms
  • Project and installation expertise

Electronics Expertise

Our research department can adapt to the various developments in the electronics market by regularly upgrading our boards.
Any unavailable components? Obsolescence?
You can always count on our technical team to find and approve a suitable solution.

  • PCB design, testing and overhaul
  • PCB miniaturisation expertise
  • Compliant with electronic standards (EMC)
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axiohm expertise logiciel - AXIOHM

Logicielle Expertise

As well as developing and updating drivers, our R&D team has designed a range of software solutions to make it easy to install our products.
Or engineers can also offer specific developments to provide the functionality required in your specifications.

  • Drivers/Configuration tools
  • Managing fonts

Axiohm DNA: customising our products in line with your project

Are you looking for a solution that is not in our catalogue? Our R&D team is here to offer you solutions that can be customised for your project/installation:

  • Thermal head with specific dimensions
  • Specific software functionality development
  • Remote connectors on the mechanism or addition of a deflector
  • Need a specific dimension for your roller support arm?

TXCOM-AXIOHM can offer you:

A technical solution

Project planning

A competitive offer

Tools available for easy installation

Generic and bidirectional driver

  • An easy-to-use driver for all our printers
  • Information about our printers and alerts (statuses) available directly in Windows
  • Improved configuration flexibility for your printer
Intégration sur-mesure des produits Axiohm
axiohm capture ecran easycom - AXIOHM


An easy-to-use interface to configure, test and load firmware on your Axiohm printer.


A simple solution to import, edit, convert and upload fonts that you need for your Axiohm printer.

axiohm capture ecran easyfont - AXIOHM