Lottery and gaming

Thermal head and cutter reliability, printing speed and durability: our thermal printers are an ideal solution for the Lottery and Gaming sector.

For more than 20 years, AXIOHM has been the leader in printing solutions for the lottery and pari-mutual betting market. We have reached this market position by providing our customers with a complete line of thermal printers for their games.

AXIOHM continues to demonstrate its commitment to stay at the forefront of this market by continually expanding its range of new products designed to meet the strictest requirements of the lottery and gaming market.

axhiom marche jeux uai - AXIOHM
axiohm ticket loto uai - AXIOHM

The latest addition is the Premium generation of our renowned XA/XB series of thermal printing mechanisms. This mechanism is currently the fastest on the market, with a print speed of up to 250 mm/s.

We are aware that print speed is not just about saving time, but also about saving our customers money. Our engineers have therefore focused both their know-how and cutting-edge technology in this new product.
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Axiohm Quality


100% of our printers are tested after production. Our return rates are lower than industry standards: 0.3%!


Customisation is a fundamental part of our DNA! Axiohm provides support throughout your integration project with customisation options tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

Axiohm Delivery


Our factory works together with our Purchasing Department to ensure that your delivery deadlines are always on time and that your projects are managed smoothly.