TXCOM-AXIOHM : The Thermal Printing Solutions Manufacturer

Axiohm products are known throughout the world as reliable, innovative and cost-effective thermal printing solutions. Are you looking for a thermal printing mechanism ou kiosk? Find out about our products designed for the most demanding applications!

Axiohm: 30 years of expertise and technological innovation

Axiohm (TXCOM group) is a French company with its head office in Plessis-Robinson (92). Its factory is in Puiseaux, Loiret.

Axiohm has an expert knowledge of all the technologies installed in its products (microelectronics, micromechanics, electronics, plastics and software).

Well-known worldwide as a leader in thermal printing solutions, Axiohm is always moving forward and innovating to meet its customers’ needs We’re proud of our huge range of printing products.

When choosing an Axiohm printer, you can be sure that it will be the right choice for your application. Current markets are turning to direct thermal printing technology to print their receipts at a time when reliability, ease of use and total cost of ownership care key criteria.

Our challenge lies in our desire to offer highly competitive products while keeping a level of efficiency that meets the needs of our customers and guarantees our Axiohm-renowned quality.

Do you have any questions about Axiohm thermal printing solutions?

The « presenter » option is available in both our two 60 and 80 mm product ranges: TRITON 60 Presenter and as an option on the KALYPSO 80 kiosk printer.

AXIOHM Printing Solutions are used in the most demanding applications (fuel distribution/transport/gaming) that need to withstand significant temperature and humidity variations.
Our printers are well known throughout the world for their reliability, including high-performance thermal printheads and a long-life “cut” function.

AXIOHM is recognised for its ability to adapt its solutions to suit specific projects and customer applications.

Our mcross-industry skills mean that we can provide “product” modifications at both the mechanical/component and software levels.

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Axiohm Quality


100% of our printers are tested after production. Our return rates are lower than industry standards: 0.3%!


Customisation is a fundamental part of our DNA! Axiohm provides support throughout your integration project with customisation options tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

Axiohm Delivery


Our factory works together with our Purchasing Department to ensure that your delivery deadlines are always on time and that your projects are managed smoothly.