Axiohm printing solutions are ideal for the petrol pump market. Our printers can withstand wide temperature variations and humidity, which means they are ideal for this sector.

Axiohm has been in the petrol pump market for over 20 years, working hand in hand with one of the world leaders in this sector. With over a decade’s experience in the petrol pump sector proves that Axiohm products are a guarantee of quality and efficiency. It also shows that our company has a good understanding of this market and its requirements. Axiohm uses this knowledge to manufacture machine products specifically adapted to the challenges of this market. As well as being easy to use, Axiohm products can withstand the harsh environment of petrol pumps. They work perfectly, even in intense weather conditions (extreme temperatures, rain and humidity, etc.).

axhiom marche pompes - AXIOHM
axhiom marche pompe essence - AXIOHM

The TRITON 60 printer is an indisputable success in this category. Axiohm’s R&D team is constantly working on new technologies to continually improve the installation and ease of use of the TRITON 60 in these harsh environments.
We understand that efficiency, reliability and minimal maintenance are essential for use outdoors. Our engineers have therefore combined their know-how with cutting-edge technology to create this state-of-the-art produc.
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Axiohm Quality


100% of our printers are tested after production. Our return rates are lower than industry standards: 0.3%!


Customisation is a fundamental part of our DNA! Axiohm provides support throughout your integration project with customisation options tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

Axiohm Delivery


Our factory works together with our Purchasing Department to ensure that your delivery deadlines are always on time and that your projects are managed smoothly.